Safety Meets Efficiency

Limpet® Multifunctional Height Safety Systems provide faster access via hoisting rather than climbing internal or external towers to descend via ropes. As a user of Limpet system begins to climb they receive assistance equivalent to 90% of their total weight. As they ascend, the Limpet® system adapts to their climbing speed ensuring a smooth and consistent level of assistance. Engineers can now perform many more climbs in a day without risk of exhaustion or occupational health disorder. With Limpet’s Active Motion Technology™, the safety line is always kept under tension with any slip arrested in less than 1cm (half an inch) with fall forces under 3kN.

Compact, Modular, Reliable

Limpet® can be installed as a fixed, portable or truck-based solution according to the customer’s preference and specific application requirements. Usable in wet weather conditions; wide operating temperature (-40 C to +54C), which may be important in areas that experience extremes of heat or cold.

Triple Layer Security

In addition to 90% Climb Assist & Proactive Fall Prevention, Limpet gives users an additional layer of security with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), providing up to 40 minutes of power in the event of main power failure. Additionally, a manual override/hand crank comes standard with all models. In the event of an emergency an individual on the ground can manually lower a user in need of rescue. This makes it ideal for cleaning or inspection work inside confined spaces, like silo’s or while performing work on objects at height such as wind turbines, power lines, or industrial buildings.

Rescue and evacuation

The Limpet® rated to hoist personnel or material up to 140kg/308lb and lower loads of 280kg. With hoisting and lowering speeds of close to 1 meter per second, the Limpet® provides the best available suspended access, rescue and evacuation system on the market. If a climber has an emergency on the ladder or in a confined space, he can be raised or lowered to safety by colleagues. In an evacuation situation, the Limpet® L5 can lower two people simultaneously to the ground at high speed.

  • Product Highlights

    • Provides faster access via hoisting
    • Can be installed as a fixed, portable or truck-based solution
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
    • Simple and fast to rig and derig
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  • Faster access via hoisting to top of height rather than climbing internal tower to descend via ropes.
  • Easy and exertion free tool for ascent and descent, so your crew is fresher and more productive.
  • Avoids any daily climbing limit restrictions that might impact your work schedule.
  • Rapid rescue by lowering from main control unit in event of emergency. No need for rescuers to go to height
  • Usable in wet weather conditions; no slip risk coming over hub as with normal rope access inspection
  • Simple and fast to rig and derig
  • Makes high exposure areas more accessible by a standard technician staff, as opposed to hiring a rope access specialist.

Key Features

  • On board personal assistance rated to hoist 140kg in ascent and 280kg in descent.
  • Maximum assisted speed of 1 meter per second.
  • Maximum line length of 160 meters on each unit’s drum.
  • Safety line integrates a Dyneema Core with breaking strength of 42kN.
  • RF remote control gives users total control over accent and decent.
  • Also controllable from the main unit, making rescue from ground easy in event of emergency.
  • 8KvA generator ensures self-reliant power source.
  • Back up UPS battery or manual unwind options.
  • Integrated fall prevention system – the measurement of line tension means no slack build up in the line.
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