Limpet Technology & Innovative Access Services partner with Premium Touring Provider, Upstaging Inc to bring ‘Uplift Fall Prevention’ system to Market

Backstage at Jesus Christ Superstar

Edinburgh-based height safety pioneer, Limpet Technology today announced that it will supply premium North American touring provider, Upstaging Inc, with its award-winning, multi-function height safety system, which will be uniquely branded “Uplift Fall Prevention”.

New Limpet representative in Los Angeles, Innovative Access Services (IAS) secured the contract which will supply a new variant of its Limpet® L5 system that will run off the three-phase, 208 volt supply that is common in the US entertainment lighting sector.

Limpet Chief Executive Stephen Cornwallis commented, “With Limpet systems having been used during the past year on the Muse ‘2nd Law’ tour, to hoist follow-spot operators into their seats and on the ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ tour to provide fall prevention and climb assist to cast and crew; the contract with Upstaging represents a further evolution in the acceptance of Limpet systems among staged entertainment companies. We are really excited that such a major player in staged touring is bringing Limpet into its operations; something which promises to make Limpet a standard piece of safety equipment in the industry”.

The quality and versatility of Limpet® solutions are among the key attractions of the system. Frank Aguirre, Chief Executive of IAS commented “While touring companies typically have rescue plans, by having a Limpet they can be confident that a rescue can actually work in time to save someone’s life. The system has been designed from the ground up for use in harsh industrial environments and can take safety procedures and practice to the next level in entertainment tours and venues.”

Chuck Spector, Purchasing Manager at Upstaging added “It has been a pleasure working with Frank over at IAS on developing this partnership.  We are truly excited to bring Uplift to the market and we believe that Limpet’s technology is a significant advancement in ensuring the safety of personnel on job sites.  Show safety is a huge priority for us!  Having Uplift on our shows will offer a certain reassurance that our touring personnel are equipped with the finest fall prevention/fall protection equipment out there.”

Upstaging Director John Huddleston added “The Limpet Uplift is an amazing fall prevention system.  We will implement them along with the fall arrest systems already in place to provide the utmost protection for our technicians.  We believe the Uplift fall prevention system will be the standard for working at height in our industry. We are pleased to lead the way!”

About Limpet Technology:

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Limpet Technology Ltd combines innovative new approaches to height safety with world-class industrial design and engineering capabilities. Limpet Technology has developed key Intellectual Property into world-class height safety systems that address critical needs within industrial access, operations, maintenance and emergency rescue.

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