Limpet Multi-Use Height Safety System

Unmatched Safety and Efficiency

Limpet® Multifunctional Height Safety Systems provides secure, powerful personnel hoisting for workers in the entertainment industry who need safe access to heights. Individual hoists themselves into position using the remote control at the end of the safety line to control their ascent and descent. Each Limpet® provides fall prevention capability, ensuring the technicians’ safety at all times. The system is also ideal for climb assistance, providing 90% climb assistance for easy ascent. Stage and entertainment managers who want to mitigate risk and increase efficiency are installing Limpet® systems into trusses and gantries above stage areas to take advantage of its cutting-edge safety and access features. The speed and ease of use gives productions the ability to rehearse real rescues in a timely fashion without slowing the production schedule. Making the crew more comfortable with Incident Action Plans and what each member of IAP team does during a rescue.

Lower Your Risk of Falls and Increase Your Efficiency

  • Climb Assist at 90% of user weight drastically decreases exertion due to climbing ladders. Crew can climb and descend faster – and be ready for action quickly.
  • Intelligent Climb Assist automatically applies appropriate level of assist with zero button press to engage. Use is safe, simple and intuitive. Adapts to the climbing speed and style of the user, delivering a more controlled and comfortable maneuver.
  • Fall Prevention: Limpet® maintains constant tension on the safety line. In the event of a slip, the line locks within half an inch, preventing any fall from developing
  • High performance fall prevention system means slips are immediately arrested.
  • Integrated evacuation feature massively improves speed of rescue in event of emergency.
  • Personnel hoist & Rescue: Limpet® can hoist up to 308lb at 1.6ft/sec and can lower two people (up to 616lb) for emergency descent at 2.9ft/sec
  • Simple and fast installation.
  • In-situ inspection & maintenance.
  • High quality engineering means 25+ year design life and low total cost of ownership.
  • Benefits & Features

    • Simple and fast installation
    • Auto-Adjusting Intelligent Climb Assist
    • High performance fall prevention system
    • 25+ year design life
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Flexible Configuration – Easy to Use and Maintain

Limpet® can be easily fixed to a frame or truss in practically any orientation. The safety line can be diverted through multiple pulleys, which means that its safety features can be used no matter how complex the staging arrangement. Holding up to 427 ft. of safety line, Limpet offers exceptional access. And because it’s portable, Limpet® can be instantly turned around and made ready for the next job. Plus, inspection and maintenance can be done right in the field.

Designed for Reliability

Limpet® offers very high reliability in the field and very high safety factors on load bearing parts (minimum 15X maximum user weight). As a result, low stress is placed on key components, which results in extended working life and a lower total cost of ownership for customers.

Power & Backup Options

  • Limpet® is an electrical system that runs off 220V – 240V, 16A single phase supply /208V, 16A three phase supply.
  • The Limpet® L5 comes with an optional Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that provides up to 40 to 120 minutes of power in the event of a mains power failure.
  • As a further back-up, Limpet® has an optional manual wind/unwind port that allows a user to be raised or lowered in the event of power failure.

RF Remote & Display Control Units

  • Each unit comes with an RF remote control at the end of the safety line and a display control unit connected to the Limpet®.
  • Rescue can be performed quickly, remotely via the wireless or fixed control units – without the need to go to height.
  • Two people (up to 616 lb.) can evacuate simultaneously on the safety line, improving rescue time and safety margins.
  • Integrated rescue function removes the need for separate rescue kit to be carried.
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