IAS is a leading, full service provider of entertainment rigging needs. Based in Los Angeles, our experience varies to all formats in event industry.

We cater to our clients’ needs and develop the rigging specs fulfill and surpass those expectations.

Our products and services comply with the highest worldwide standards in theatrical rigging. With certifications and standards in entertainment and industrial rigging (ETCP, ETSA, SPRAT, IRATA AND ENSA). We put these in place so you can have the peace of mind that your production is exceeding the typical minimum standards. Combining this with over 20 years of productions and relationships, we are able to anticipate your needs and design an approach to build.

Besides the typical rigging project management you get from many other options you have. IAS take safety more serious. Ensuring we bring the technician at height safety to the next level. Typically productions do not have real rescue plans rather they have rescue intentions. Our team takes the rescue plan for the staff into account as we design the show.

  • Rigging Product Sales of Chain Hoists and Safety Equipment
  • Rental of Chain Hoists and associated gear for Touring, TV, Film and Corporate Events
  • Full Service Rigging Project Management for Event and Installation
  • Drafting in 3 formats- Autocad, Vectorworks and Solidworks
  • Load distribution plans and labor estimates
  • Engineered Solutions for specific venue, production or installations
  • Real rescue plans for your production, which cater to and maximize safety and your technicians abilities.

Our wide range of Production Services can fulfil even the most complex production, whether it’s stage, set, theater, film, or television.

Find out more about our Personnel Hoists and Chain Hoists.

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